Nether Lands Wax

I was honored to be a part of this project. These three special ladies were a dream to work for! Collaborating with them to create a cohesive look and feel for their new shop was fun and engaging. Each of them had a different opinion on graphic placement, verbiage and color. Combining their individual styles into a single, seamless vision was not only a welcome challenge, but also a rewarding experience. I created a variety of signage for their space, including an acrylic standoff sign that graces the main wall of their lobby. Though, I think the most spectacular piece that came out of this particular project was the rhinestone version of their logo, hand painted and hand applied on the wall behind their main counter. It really is quite stunning in person. In addition to the items pictured here, I also created business cards for each of them (all three have a slightly different design while still maintaining the integrity of their brand identity), small decal stickers, a rubber stamp for their drinking cups, wi-fi signs, a double-sided A-frame directional sign, raffle posters, and custom pens for giveaways.